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Philadelphia SHRM Professional Development
Thursday, February 12, 2015
8:30am - 11:30am

Gratitude Communication for Human Resource Professionals

EBusinesses that promote a positive organizational climate tend to engender employee engagement and loyalty which hopefully results in positive bottom-line results. One powerful strategy shown to achieve this desired result is incorporating gratitude as part of an organization’s overall systemic employee relations and recognition activities. Gratitude communication involves expressing appreciation or thanks to others. It is an important tool for increasing engagement levels inside and outside organizations. This unique workshop-style session will provide business and HR professionals with research- and theory-supported practices for fostering a gratitude communication climate. Emphasis will be placed on recommendations for creating a climate of gratitude, sending gratitude communication internally (i.e., involving executives, managers, and frontline professionals) and harnessing the power of gratitude to increase employee engagement and productivity. The session will include many real world stories highlighting the use of gratitude communication to transform individuals, relationships, and the overall organization. The session will also provide many innovative practices which participants can immediately put into action. Click here to register for this event!

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